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Message to MIT students (previous semester 4)

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Message to MIT students (previous semester 4)
by Admin User - Friday, 8 June 2018, 4:17 PM

Depending on your Project Outcome, please follow the instructions given below. Your evaluated thesis copies can be collected from the Postgraduate Office.

Detailed instructions and templates/submissions forms are available in the coursepage (MIT3101), which can be accessed via

PASS : Incorporate the recommended corrections/modifications to the Thesis and submit two (2) ‘Hard Bound’ copies along with a duly filled Project Submission Form (Final) and CD containing source code and softcopy of the thesis (pdf/doc) to the UCSC Examination branch by 14th July 2018

REVIVA (fees apply) : You will be called for a reviva examination on 22nd July 2018 (Only this date is given for Reviva and medical certificates will not be accepted). Please meet your Supervisor urgently and get advise.  You are also required to incorporate all the recommendations made by the thesis examiners for the final thesis (hard bound) if you are successful in the second attempt of your viva (ie. ReViva).  Only students who have been marked as "REVIVA with Code Check", have to face a code check after the viva.

RETHESIS (fees apply) : Please collect your evaluated Thesis from the postgraduate office urgently and address all the recommendations made by the examiners in consultation with your supervisor. If the supervisor approves the revised thesis for submission, please resubmit along with the Project Submission Form (ReThesis) signed by the supervisor. RETHESIS submission deadline is 7th July 2018.

REVIVA/RETHESIS (fees apply) : You have to both face a Reviva and Resubmit your thesis for evaluation as described above.

FAIL or AB : You have to repeat the project with the 2016 intake students (repeating is only available for the 2015 and 2014 intakes). Please fill the project repeat form, make the relevant payments and submit a Project Proposal before 23rd June 2018. You will be given access to the new instance of the pgvle coursepage for further information regarding the project.

*REVIVA and/or RETHESIS payments should be made before 7th July 2018
 by contacting the postgraduate office.